Germany and China agree over pork exports

28-11-2007 | |

The German Agriculture Ministry announced on Monday that officials have signed an agreement enabling the export of German pork to China.

The deal comes at a time when relations between both nations have cooled somewhat since China had protested against the Dalai Lama’s visit to Berlin last September.

Agriculture secretary, Dr Gerd Müller, who signed the agreement, stated that he is “optimistic that breakthrough in relations will be achieved next year. Perhaps visitors at the Olympics next year will be eating German sausage”.

Under the terms of the agreement, closer cooperation in safety and tracing foodstuff origin is provided for, as well as information exchange regarding animal diseases and quarantine.

Agricultural trade
Currently, most of the agricultural trade between the two countries is made up of Chinese exports totalling €1.1b yearly compared to a ‘meagre’ €80m from Germany.

China is anxious that the ban imposed in 2000 on account of an FMD   outbreak on imports of Chinese ‘cheap pig products’ such as pig ears be lifted.

The Chinese market is very attractive for German pig producers because of recent outbreaks of blue ear disease and related drops in pig production . “In view of this scenario, such an agreement between China and Germany is very positive,” said Dr Müller.

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