Germany and Austria: Quality standard deal

14-02-2007 | |

The German and Austrian quality standard systems will acknowledge each other’s programmes from now on.

This means that mix feed producers, meeting the requirements of the Agramarkt Austra Marketing’s Pastus+ will also be able to enter the German market without having to go through extra audits by Germany’s system QS (Quality and Security).

The other way round, those mix feed companies meeting an annual QS audit in Germany, will automatically meet the Austrian feed quality standard Pastus+.

Unified system

The agreement, made at the CIES International Food Safety Conference in Munich, Germany, is a step in the direction of one unified European quality standard system. Moreover, it helps to reduce additional costs for the mix feed producers.

Both organisations have already been working in the European Meat Alliance (EMA), in which several European quality standards and retail companies are working together to guarantee the quality of products sold internationally.

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