Germans reach a record in pigmeat production

21-02-2007 | |

German pigmeat production reached a record of 4.6 million tonnes last year, according to figures released by the German National Statistical Office.

Pigmeat production therefore accounted for 67.5% of the 6.9 million tonnes of total meat production in Germany. This was followed by beef production at 1.2 million tonnes and poultrymeat at 1.0 million tonnes.

Rise in production

According to information from the German agricultural ministry, pigmeat production rose some 3.7% in 2006 while beef and veal output rose 2.4%. Poultrymeat production fell by 0.4%.

The number of pig slaughterings grew by 1.9 million head, or 4.0%, in comparison to one year earlier, to reach a record 49.8 million head, with rises reported in slaughterings of both domestic and pigs of foreign origins.

The percentage foreign-bred pigs slaughtered in Germany rose to 7.4% – in 2005, the figure stood at 6.7%.

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