German pork prices expected to rise

06-05-2010 | |

Tönnies, Germany’s largest pork slaughterhouse company, predicts that this summer pork prices in Germany will rise by 10 percent up to 1.46 EUR/kg compared with 1.32 euro/kg recorded in April, according to Polish FAMMU / FAPA.

Currently prices for pork in Germany and Denmark are slightly higher than in France and the Netherlands. The rise in prices of pork in Germany is usually observed in summer – during the barbecue season.

Tönnies Group also predicts that this year its turnover will increase up to 4 billion euros compared to 3.9 billion euros in 2009, while over the next 5 years the company plans to increase its turnover to around 5 billion euros per year, with planned expansion into the Russian and Chinese market.

(By Evgen Vorotnikov)