German pork and poultry banned by Korea – dioxin cited

10-01-2011 | |
German pork and poultry banned by Korea –  dioxin cited

There are no longer imports of pork and poultry from Germany to Korea. The Korean government has banned imports from Germany, citing high levels of cancer causing dioxin in animal feed as the reason for the ban.

Korean officials have stated that German meat products are currently quarantined, until further inspections are carried out.

Harles und Jentzsch
GMP+ International has suspended the GMP+ certificate of the business Harles und Jentzsch GmbH in Uetersen in Germany as of January 6, 2011.  Abnormally high levels of the contaminant dioxin were found in agricultural products made by the German company. The company manufactures ingredients for poultry and swine feed.
Charges filed
According to agricultural officials the company was aware that higher-than-permitted levels of the cancer-causing toxin was present in the product as early as March last year. The German regional agricultural ministry filed charges against the firm for not informing authorities instantly about the contamination.
Currently, GMP+ certified businesses may not purchase animal feed from Harles und Jentzsch GmbH. The firm will be excluded from GMP+ certification for at least three months.
Russia has also been affected by the dioxin scandal; the country is restricting meats imported from Germany.