German pig producers in trouble by feed prices

27-09-2007 | |

In Germany, like in many other countries worldwide, the impact of feed price rises is felt in the nation’s pig industry.

Increased feed prices for pigs will cause German pig producers to get in trouble, warned Franz-Josef Moellers, vice-president of the German Farmers Union. This eventually could lead to a crisis in the pig market.

Rise prices
In order to face the crisis, it is would be urgent to rise production prices rise soon to come into harmony with costs for feed, the vice-president said. Consumer pork prices, he felt, should be brought into line with rising prices for other foodstuffs.

Moellers also demanded that the German government should open the markets of countries in Asia as this is where the biggest growth opportunities for the sector are located.

Cover expenses
In Germany, at the moment, prices of lower than €30 are being paid for pigs to producers. Usually, a price of approximately €65 per pig would cover all expenses.

Moellers said he considers the small average size of producers in Germany, compared to the Netherlands or Denmark, to be a competitive disadvantage.

Moellers’ remarks are heard everywhere in Europe and across the world. At the latest SPACE show in France, the French institute for pig and pork industry (IFIP) voiced the same opinion.

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