German pig farmers struggle to make a profit

15-11-2006 | |

Industry group ISN (Interessengemeinschaft der Schweinehalter Deutschlands), claims that German pig producers can not cover their costs and are losing on average about €18 per pig.

According to ISN, the cost of a pig to a producer is currently about €1.41 per kilogram slaughterweight. Farmers are on average receiving €124 per slaughter pig, resulting in a loss of around €18 per pig.

In order for a producer to make a profit in Germany they must get at least €1.60 per kilogram slaughterweight.

ISN blames “massive” price reductions on the slaughter pig market, and increases in feed costs and energy, both currently and in the future.

ISN criticises new Livestock and Meat Law

ISN has accused the German farm ministry of ignoring concerns by pig producer groups about the lack of transparency in the proposed new Livestock and Meat Law. It is therefore attempting to draw attention to the matter through draft legislation.


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