German dioxin plant sold

09-02-2012 | |

Feed manufacturer Harles and Jentzsch in Uetersen, which was the cause of a dioxin scandal in Germany last year, has been sold to the Hamburg company OleoServ. The sale includes 10 employees that will retain their job.

This was announced by an agency on behalf of the liquidator Heiko Fialski. The amount of the sale price is not known. The money goes directly into the bankruptcy fund.
Investigation outcome
Due to the nationwide scandal many farms had to be blocked and thousands of animals were destroyed.
The aggrieved farmers require a total of about €20 million in damages. The prosecutor Itzehoe wants to reveal its findings mid-February. Then also should the decision will be taken, whether further charges will be filed against former managers of Harles & Jentzsch.
OleoServ announced that in future it will offer its services to other companies. These include the handling and processing and storage of vegetable oils, fats and fatty acids and their derivatives.

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