German BHZP attracts many more pig breeders

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The German National Hybrid Breeding Programme (BHZP) reached remarkably better results in the last quarter of 2009, the BHZP announced at its website.

In comparison to the same timeframe, one year earlier, 109 new clients were found for delivering breeding animals to. The customer base increase of 11.5% has been the strongest in the last three years.

Approximately 35% of the new customers could be found in the state of North Rhine Westphalia, in the west of Germany – a region in which the organisation had lost some support. Another 25% hails from the Weser-Ems region (north) and the rest (40%) can be found in North East and South Germany.

On average, the new customers’ farm size is around 300 sows, leading to an expected extra supply of 13,000 to 15,000 gilts.

Growing biological results
As a reason for the increase, BHZP points at growing biological results for its genetics, with special focus for numbers of liveborn and weaned piglets.

More than 1,000 of the organisation’s db.77-boar is located in stations and the same number can be found in breeding farms. It is calculated that about 20% of all piglets born in Germany descend from this type of boar.

The organisation’s own semen production stations showed a growth of 8.1% in its core area of north and east Germany. The station in Wilsum, which was opened early this year, did not contribute to these figures.

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