Genetiporc: 2 prestigious “Porkworld Awards”

06-11-2008 | |

Otaviano Olavo Pivetta, owner of Ideal Porc, and Werner Meincke, director of Genetiporc do Brazil, have been honoured among the Brazilian industry as, respectively, the Brazilian Swine Businessman Personality of the year and the Technical personality of the year. In recognition for their work and contribution in the pork chain’s development, the two personalities received their awards during the PorkExpo 2008, held in Curitiba in Brazil.

Swine Businessman personality of the year
Influenced by his father, a swine producer in the 60’s, Pivetta started alone his own business in 1976 with Sarandi Farm. Then, he constructed an empire: Grupo Vanguarda, acting as a soy, cotton, rice, corn and swine producer.

Today he has 6 000 sows in multiplication for Genetiporc do Brazil and he will complete a huge network of 27 500 sows by the end of 2010. He is recognised in the Brazilian swine industry as a businessman specialised in high standard swine production and high health status.

Technical personality of the year
Director of Genetiporc do Brazil since 1994, Meincke graduated in Veterinarian Medicine at Federal University of Santa Maria. In 1973, he began his professional activities with the Cooperativa Languiru, in Teutônia (RS). At the same time, he started to be dedicated to ABCS (Association of Brazilian Swine Producers), acting like a zootechnical inspector in Rio Grande do Sul State. He was a pioneer in Brazil to work with artificial insemination in swine.

In this area, he did traineeships and specialisation in Boxtel (Netherlands) and Hanover (Germany) in 1975 and 1976. From 1982 to 1987, Meincke has been the President of ACSURS (Association of Swine Producers from Rio Grande do Sul State) and during 10 years, he has been the Director of Estrela’s Swine Insemination Centre, the first one in Brazil.

In 2005, Werner Meincke has been honoured during XII Abraves Congress for given services to Brazilian Swine Chain. He also received the Technical Personality Prize during Avesui.

Genetiporc specialises in the production, selection and distribution of breeding stock with superior genetic and health status, thereby ensuring consistent, high-volume supply from a single source.

Genetiporc seeks to develop its markets as it continues to offer products meeting the specific requirements of multiple industry segments. Genetiporc is currently operating in Canada, United States, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Panama, Brazil, China and Philippines.

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