Future Farming is now LIVE

14-04-2017 | |
Future Farming is now LIVE
Future Farming is now LIVE

The Future Farming team are proud to announce that FutureFarming.com is now live.

Farmers are faced with an avalanche of new technology. Deciphering which one of these new tools and techniques offer real benefits to their business, and how they can to get the most out of them, can be a challenge. Future Farming is here to help.

Progressive farmers around the world, including North America, Europe and Australasia, are successfully addressing these same challenges. So why re-invent the wheel. Future Farming intends to be a platform where farmers can learn from their global peers – not just their neighbours.

Future Farming aims to address the key challenges of forward-thinking farmers. Our editorial team will explore what is happening on arable farms in all the most advanced areas of production, and track the latest technology wherever it originates.

The scope of the brand will be on all aspects of precision farming, including:


  • delivering targeted nutrition to crops through better use of inputs, placing it where it is needed most
  • all crop farming related tools and instruments to drive sustainable efficiency
  • smart feed and food, data supporting sustainability and food security around the globe.


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Richard Allison Editor in chief Future Farming