French pig sector decreased by 1.3% in 2011

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French pig sector decreased by 1.3% in 2011

With the annual agricultural show of SPACE approaching in September, it is interesting to see how the French pig industry has been doing in the last year. 2011 showed a decreasing tendency as total pork production shrunk by 1.3% in comparison to 2010.

According to official estimates by the French Pork and Pig Institute (IFIP), total production dropped below 2.3 million tonnes in 2011, which is the first time since 1998.
Total slaughter figures did not drop as strongly, however. This is mainly related to a reduction of live pig exports by 0.8%. They went from 860,000 in 2010 to 660,000 in 2011, particularly to Belgium.
As for pork imports to France, 53% came from Spain in 2011, 17% from Germany, 9% from Belgium and 8% from Italy.
Table 1. Balance in the French  pork sector.
* 2011: IFIP estimates
Pig feed
Total pig feed production declined in 2011 as well, by 1.9%, according to the Coop de France Nutrition Animale/SNIA. Total amount of pig feed produced in France in 2011 was 5,540,000 tonnes.
Particularly sow feed production went down by 3.7% to 933,100 tonnes. Piglet feed decreased slightly by 0.8% to 667,200 tonnes and finisher pig feed came down 1.7% to 3,939,700 tonnes.
Total amounts of feed produced in France in 2011 was 20,368,100 tonnes – a decrease by 1.3%.
(By Philippe Caldier)