French fusion; Invivo and Evialis merge

03-07-2008 | |

Invivo, operating in the seed, agrobusiness and feed industries became the reference shareholder of Evialis, the international animal health and nutrition specialist in October 2007.

Following a thorough review of their economical and competitive environment and of their respective organisations, both groups have reached the conclusion that merging their businesses would be the most pertinent option.

Cited as reasons for the merge are;
• Market growth, although unevenly throughout the world;
• France, particularly, and Europe more generally, are facing stagnation when Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe are booming;
• Animal farming is under mounting regulatory pressure which, in turn, applies to the Feed industry and pushes costs up;
• Society expectations (quality, traceability, animal welfare, GMO…) are rising fast, especially in Europe;
• Financial performance is, more than ever, a key factor. From that stand point, critical mass is a must;
• R&D stands as a critical asset for differentiation and progress.
The newly formed Group will develop a new identity, with activities harmoniously split between compound feed (65%), premix & specialities (25%) and health products (10%).

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