French farmers want more expensive pork

20-09-2007 | |

Pig producers in France will organise protests at big supermarket chains. The farmers’ main concern is the chains’ unwillingness to sell more pork and to refuse to increase the prices.

The price changes are necessary, the producers say, to compensate for the highly increased feed prices.

The French national pork federation FNP said, “The big chains refuse to take into account the difficulties that we pork producers are facing now.”

“Limits are reached of what breeders can accept. Finally, our costs should be reflected in the selling prices.”

According to the FNP, the pork market still offers plenty of opportunities for price increases, predominantly in the fresh pork market. The organisation called on its members to protest at the retail chain stors against the ‘attitute that cannot be tolerated’.

In the meantime, the FNP called on companies in the pork production sector to unite powers in order to revive the market with new impulses.

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