For piglets: Bi-Lactal dessert

31-05-2010 | |

The new “sweet course” for piglets, a creamy milk mash designed especially for the nutritionally correct supplementary feeding of large litters.

Bi-Lactal dessert is eagerly eaten-up by even the smallest piglets and represents a beneficial way of supplementing the sows’ milk. Low losses in the suckling piglet production phase are the basis for successful weaner production.
Bi-Lactal dessert is rich in highly-digestable nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It contains Bonvital for a stable gastro-intestinal flora and more health security. Readily available fat sources support the energy balance and protect piglets’ own energy reserves, especially important during the first week of life. Its composition encourages feed consumption and supports development of the digestive system. The resultant improved feed consumption (over 500g dry matter intake) increases growth performance up to weaning.
Bi-Lactal dessert can be offered as early as the first day of piglet life right after the colostrum intake phase. It is to be fed freshly prepared twice daily. About one week before end of suckling piglets should be got used to the weaner feed.