Food Technology Centre opened in Thailand

07-03-2008 | |

Air Products, a pioneer of cryogenic food freezing and chilling technologies, has announced the opening of its Asia Food Technology Centre at the Thailand Science Park in Bangkok.

The Centre has been established to provide innovative solutions and technical expertise to support the ever-increasing demands from the growing Asian food market.

By strategically locating the Asia Food Technology Centre in Thailand, one of the world’s leading food processing markets, Air Products can now work closer to its Asian customers to drive forward new food processing innovations. The company is also able to leverage microbiological and food science research capabilities within the Thailand Science Park and nearby universities.

“Putting our focus where the market is, the Centre enables us to respond more quickly to the changing needs of our food customers, in which time-to-market and innovations are critical for their success,” said Ivo Bols, vice president and general manager of Merchant Gases, Air Products Asia.

On show at the centre is a broad selection of Air Products’ Freshlineâ„¢ food preservation solutions which maintain the quality and freshness of foods. The Centre also includes other facilities such as a laboratory kitchen and a cold storage room.

The set-up enables Air Products to work with customers to develop innovations and resolve issues which relate to maintaining high quality and freshness of a wide variety of food products. It also houses a state of the art training centre, and is envisaged to be a Centre of Excellence to serve food customers throughout the Asian region.

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