FMD suspected in Taiwanese farm – pigs test negative

09-06-2012 | |

Taiwan reported the detection of Foot-and-Mouth Disease virus in 15 clinically healthy pigs on a farm in Wan Dan township, Ping Tung county. Intensive checking did not yield additional proof.

Taiwan reported the findings to the international Organization for Animal Health (OIE). The detected of positive NSP antibodies were detected in a herd of 900 animals, during a routine surveillance.

The investigation also showed that all pigs on the index farm were clinically healthy. Fifteen serum and throat swab samples for serological tests and virus isolation were collected and sent to the national laboratory (Animal Health Research Institute).

The laboratory confirmed positive results with NSP antibody, whereas the results of virus isolation and RT-PCR were all negative. The serotype O was identified by using FMD ELISA kit. The monitoring and epidemiological investigation of the index farm and those surrounding farms that keep cloven-hoofed animals (a total of 76 pig farms, 27 cattle farms, one deer farm, and 16 goat farms within 3 km radius of the index farm) have been done and no clinical or epidemiological evidence of infection was found.

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