Floors could collapse due to sulphuric acid

13-02-2007 | |

In the Netherlands concerns have risen about pig houses applying a flushing gutter system. Concrete floors could have been affected by sulphuric acid from pig slurry.

Hendrix UTD, Dutch manufacturer of mix feed and advising agricultural producers, has issued a warning and will be performing several checks at production sites in the course of these weeks.

No reports of any accidents have been made.

Warning letter

The systems were constructed at several sites between 1995 and 2003 at a total of 350 different pig production sites. Already 191 of these companies have been sent a warning letter.

A flushing gutter system takes care of the transportation of pig slurry to a basin. Sulphuric acid, created by bacteria in slurry, does affect the concrete floors on top of that.

Up until now 65 pig producers have contacted the Dutch company with questions as a result of the warning.

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