Five year plan for Australia’s pork sector

02-09-2014 | |
Five year plan for Australia’s pork sector

Australian Pork Limited, the body representing the pork industry, have launched its five year strategic plan for nation’s pork industry, which consists of five strategic objectives underpinning the achievement of this growth and expansion.

  • Growing Consumer Appeal aims to improve consumer experiences with Australian pork and its image and popularity through better understanding of how to prepare it and what makes it different.
  • Building Markets focuses on converting that consumer appeal into better value for producers and other participants in the value chain through a deep understanding of customer needs in chosen segments.
  • Driving Value Chain Integrity refers to building on Australia’s clean and safe image both at home and abroad whilst strengthening the already high degree of trust for Australian pork through industry integrity systems.
  • Leading Sustainability highlights our priorities to be proactive as an industry in fostering the delivery of viable and sustainable farming practices and a healthy and profitable industry.
  • Improving Capability continues the focus on rapid and complete uptake and adoption of information and technologies that will improve the productivity and reputation of the total pork value chain. It also looks to optimise operational effectiveness to maximise the return on producer levies and Federal Government funding.

Chief executive Andrew Spencer says increasing pork’s value, and improving access to markets like China, are key priorities. Currently Australia pork does not have access to China. According to Spencer talks are underway but the process is slow.

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