Fire destroys part of Danish pig abattoir

17-04-2007 | |
Fire destroys part of Danish pig abattoir

A huge fire in Denmark’s third largest slaughterhouse will be causing logistical difficulties in the slaughter process.

The abattoir, based in Blans, in the South of the country and owned by the cooperation Danish Crown, one of Europe’s biggest slaughtering companies, went ablaze on Monday.

Cooling department
As soon as the fire brigade had controlled the blaze, the cooling tunnel and a cooling department had been destroyed completely. It is estimated that no slaughterings can take place for at least two to three months

In the abattoir, about 45,000 pigs are slaughtered on a weekly basis. This week, the number of weekly slaughterings even was scheduled to go up to 56,000.

The animals will now have to be taken care of by slaughterhouses in the direct surroundings. It is even likely slaughterings have to be continued in the weekends to process all pigs.

Fire in Iowa
Flames also struck a pig farm East of Iowa City, US, last Monday afternoon.

A blaze killed about 1,100 pigs housed in a confinement building that caught fire. The building was completely destroyed.

A spokesman from the local fire brigade said the blaze was not suspicious in nature.

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