Finnish salmonella outbreak extends reach

19-03-2009 | |

Finnish authorities are dealing with the country’s worst Salmonella outbreak in 14 years as new cases are found on pork and poultry farms.

Finnish food safety authority Evira has announced that the bacteria has been found on two more poultry farms and a pig farm, bringing to 13 the total number of farms identified since February, when the outbreak began.

“The current situation is that around 800 Finnish farms are being investigated, of which one-third are chicken farms and two-thirds pig farms,” said Evira official Sinikka Marmo. The outbreak is the most widespread since 1995, when the bacteria was found at 250 of out 900 beef farms investigated.

There have been no reported food poisoning cases in the current outbreak and the risk to humans is seen as low due to the strain of the bacteria involved.

Evira is continuing to identify the source of the outbreak which first came to light when feed producer Raiso reported finding the bacteria in one of its production lines. The company is carrying out its own investigations into the origins of the contaminated feed.

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