Finnish pork processor moves into Sweden

04-01-2007 | |

The announced take-over of Swedish Meats by Finnish meat processor HK Ruokatalo has been completed.

By this take-over, the new merger company will take on the name HK Scan, becoming the second largest Scandinavian meat conglomerate, having a turnover of about €2.2 billion, active in eight countries.


HK Ruokatalo, focusing on processed pork and poultry products, is to pay €113 million for Swedish Meats. The Finnish company will also take over the cattle farmers cooperative’s €185 million of debt.

Swedish Meats will now now turning its business into a limited company called Scan AB, becoming a subsidiary of the Finnish company. Swedish Meats is responsible for the majority of slaughtering in Sweden.

Swedish Meats’ brands Scan and Pärsons are well known.

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