Finding of syringes leads to meat recalls

10-11-2006 | |

Three syringes have been found in a Maple Leaf Foods further processing plant in Kitchener, Ontario, in the past two weeks, leading to recalls of cooked hams and sliced ham packages.

Products retrieved from stores by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency so far have tested negative for contamination – and no illnesses have been reported.
The first two syringes were discovered in the vicinity of meat supplies and did not have needles attached. The third however was stuck in a ham. The company speculated that the first two syringes were veterinary products that had arrived with raw meat shipments, but the third was suspicious.


As a result, the company recalled packages of various ham products.
Police are unsure if the syringe was put there deliberately or accidentally and said that a full investigation is being conducted.
Research revealed that the syringes contained saline solution, which is a mixture of salt and water.

Worried calls

The company reported receiving more than 900 calls from consumers regarding the recall.
As a result of the incidents, company officials have supplemented security measures at the plant, which includes increased supervision, visual inspections, metal detection, use of security cameras and offering employees a confidential telephone line.
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