Feedlogic introduces new swine FeedSaver

19-06-2008 | |

Feedlogic Corporation, a leading supplier of nutrition technology, has broadened its product line with the introduction of a simpler, lower cost version of its FeedSaver intelligent feeding system.

The new FeedSaver S-Series is designed for swine producers with all-in-all-out flows in owned or contracted barns seeking to lower production costs through improved feed utilization and more focused management.

“With skyrocketing feed prices, it’s never been more important to get maximum nutrient value out of every pound of feed that gets delivered to a barn,” said Drew Ryder, Feedlogic president. “There’s plenty of science out there to tell you the right way to feed a pig. The problem has been execution.

The FeedSaver S-Series addresses these issues by automatically creating the correct diets at the barn using just two or three base diets. Diets can be dedicated to specific bins, making it easier for the feed mill to plan deliveries and reducing errors made by feed truck drivers.

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