Feedlogic Introduces intelligent micro application system

06-06-2013 | |
Feedlogic Introduces intelligent micro application system

Feedlogic Corporation, a supplier of intelligent solutions for livestock production, has introduced the BlendTronic intelligent micro-ingredient application system which allows unprecedented control and monitoring of micros commonly used in livestock feed.

The BlendTronic system provides livestock producers with alternative ways to use micros in their feed so that they can apply products more cost-effectively and have the reassurance that products were applied in the correct amount at the right time. The applicator is designed to work with virtually any feed delivery system used in livestock production facilities. Product is injected directly into the flow of feed as it is transported from a feed bin into a building, allowing a micro to be mixed into the feed right before it is consumed by animals.

Key features of the BlendTronic system include:

  • Uses Feedlogic’s FeedMeter technology to ensure accurate inclusion rates. Feed flow through the main feed line is constantly monitored and injection rates are altered as the flow rate varies.
  • Variable inclusion rates can be programmed, allowing pulsing or step-up strategies to improve efficacy of specific products.
  • Intelligent alerting tools allow barn managers, supervisors, and suppliers to receive automated notifications when product is getting low and needs to be replenished.
  • System can be monitored in real time via a web service. Multiple sites can be managed from a single web dashboard.
  • All product usage is recorded to an online database, providing easy access to history and full traceability.

Other products recently launced

The FeedPulse data reporting system to allow barn managers to monitor feed usage on a local terminal. It synchronizes data from Feedlogic’s FeedMeter feed monitoring system with any controller or terminal that can receive a pulse signal. As feed passes through a feed line, the FeedPulse module sends pulse signals to a local controller where feed usage data can be aggregated and reported. Up to eight FeedMeters can be monitored simultaneously. Users also have the option to send feed usage data to Feedlogic’s MyFarm web services through an Internet connection to the site.     

BarnSense wireless sensor platform for remote monitoring and reporting from livestock production facilities. This platform gives barn owners and managers a flexible system to monitor one or more sensors and systems at a facility, including temperature, humidity, water usage, propane or natural gas usage, manure levels, and gas levels (CO/CO2, methane, H2S, etc). 

Key features include:

  • Can connect to digital, analog, or pulse type sensors.
  • Sensor reading frequency and reporting can be customized to each site.
  • Operates on a wireless “mesh” network, allowing multiple sensor platforms in multiple buildings connect back to one communication hub.
  • All sensor data is stored in an online database, allowing quick access to history for diagnostics or data analytics.
  • Intelligent alerting system allows multiple users to receive notifications tailored to individual sites.
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