Feed price rises could hurt Irish pig sector

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Feed price rises could hurt Irish pig sector

Growing feed prices could well hurt the Irish pig sector, producers warned this week, writes the Irish Independent.

Pig farmers maintain that they are currently losing €2 to €3 per produced pig and they claim that the situation gets worse every time feed prices increase.

Further increases
With compounders indicating that feed prices could rise by €20-30 per tonne from September 1, pig committee vice-chairman Tim Cullinan at the Irish Farmers Association (IFA) claimed that pig production costs would increase by a further €0.08 to €0.13 per kilogramme.

Cullinan said, “From September, production costs are likely to be close to €1.50 per kilogramme deadweight.”

“Food prices will need to increase dramatically if farmers are to remain in production, as the current price being paid for a kilo of pigmeat is €1.38 on average,” he added.

Pork from abroad
Referring to the sale of pork from abroad, Cullinan insisted that products using Irish pigmeat should carry the Bord Bia quality assurance scheme logo.

He said, “Retailers should not be allowed to deceive customers on the origin of products.”

He also said that the retail and catering sectors would have to increase prices to reflect the higher cost of production.

“Retailers and the catering industry must accept that it is necessary for the product price to rise in line with the price increases that farmers have to pay,” he said.

“Food processors are also in support of increases, stating that should customers wish to avail of quality Irish produce, they need to pay for it.”

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