FDA: meat from cloned animals safe to eat

29-12-2006 | |

Good news for those in favour of cloning animals: the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a draft risk assessment stating meat and milk from cloned animals are as safe to eat as any other foods.

The conclusion was made public after an analysis of hundreds of peer-reviewed publications and other studies on the health and food composition of clones and their offspring.

The assessment does not apply to sheep at this time.

Safety conclusions

Since 2003, the FDA has promised to publish its conclusions about the safety of meat products from cloned animals. The agency has, since 2001, also urged ranchers and genetic-based technology firms to voluntarily hold off on producing cloned livestock.

Despite its latest risk assessment determination, the FDA has asked that any introduction of cloned animals into the food chain to be put on hold.


Food safety watchdogs however, disagree with FDA’s findings, claiming there hasn’t been sufficient testing on cloned-animal products to warrant a declaration they are safe for human consumption.

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