Fast-food chain applauds crate-free production

02-04-2007 | |
Fast-food chain applauds crate-free production

Fast-food chain Burger King has announced it will begin purchasing pork that has been produced without the use of gestation crates.

The new animal welfare standards are being applauded several animal welfare groups throughout the USA.

In a statement, the Florida-based company announced to:

• have started purchasing 10% of its pork from producers that do not confine breeding pigs in gestation crates. The volume of pork purchases coming from gestation crate-free producers will double to 20% by the end of the year.

• have implemented a purchasing preference for pork from producers who do not confine breeding sows in gestation crates.

In addition, the burger giant also announced a preference for cage-free eggs and a humane killing method for chickens used for meat.

‘Historic advance’
The Humane Society of the United States applauded as an historic advance for the fast-food sector. The HSUS has been talking with the fast-food giant for more than a year about improving its farm animal standards.

Burger King is not the first company to phase out gestation crates. Earlier this year, Smithfield and Maple Leaf announced to be abandoning the use of gestation crates altogether over the next decade.

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