Farmex to investigate piggery systems

08-01-2008 | |

Computer systems specialist, David Dobson, has been appointed by Farmex — the Reading-based high-tech company — to research methods which could change the way piggery systems are controlled and monitored.

Dobson will be looking into wireless communication methods in a two-year, £100,000 (€135,000) project which has attracted almost 70% UK government funding.

The biggest problem with wireless communication in a harsh farm environment is the ability to form reliable links. To accomplish this Dobson hopes to create a “self-healing mesh system” which will function regardless of atmospheric conditions.

The advantages of such a system could be numerous. Cost would be dramatically reduced because there would be no need to lay wires and cables, particularly over problem areas such as roads. The network would also be less susceptible to lightning strikes or other physical disruptions.

“In addition to reducing installation costs for normal heating and ventilation controls, wireless connection could make the monitoring of crucial performance indicators, such as feed and water consumption, cheaper and easier,” commented Farmex managing director, Hugh Crabtree. “With ever-tightening margins in pig production this will become increasingly important.”

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