Farmers in Brittany seek lower slaughter weight

01-11-2007 | |

According to an article in the Dutch newspaper Agrarisch Dagblad today, pig producers in Brittany are seeking a reduction of two kilos in the required carcass weight.

This measure kills two birds with one stone: firstly, reducing the surplus supply for pig meat and secondly, reducing feed costs.

Emergency fund
Brittany is the largest pig area in France. At present, the French pig farmers representative association in Brittany estimates that the cost of breeding a pig per kilo amounts to €1.55, whereas slaughtering returns a mere €1.21 per kilo. In addition, it believes that Brussels could open an emergency fund with €3,000 extra to be given to each breeder in the area.

Calls for agricultural banks to be lenient on the interest payments of breeders have been made as “the banks are profiting from the breeders’ dire financial situation as a result of the current feed crisis,” according to the association.

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