Farmer initiates new pig-breeding method

05-02-2007 | |

A farmer from a central province in Vietnam has raised pigs bred from wild boars and domestic sows, aimed at producing a novel species to counter poaching and to improve returns.

Phan Dinh The of Phu Yen’s Song Hinh district said he aims to create a new breeder pig and mated a black domestic sow with wild boars in 2005.
In October 2006, The’s sow had six healthy piglets, each weighing 5 – 6kg.
The aesthetic difference that can be noted is that the bred piglets have shorter hair, The said.
These free-range pigs were left to roam around the garden and were fed with cereals and mash. The sees good development and low maintenance and believes that this is a good prospect for profits.
The says that he plans to build a 7ha farm and buy three more tame wild boars to raise the hybridised pigs this year, adding that he was seeking the go-ahead from agencies concerned to transfer the breeding know-how to other local farmers.
The is convinced that the new breeding technique would deliver solid results, with considerable profits reaped for farmers.
Earlier, Vietnamese experts had also warned about the possible extinction of the pot-bellied pig which is usually black, has loose folded skin, and lacks much hair.