Fancom introduces climate controller and energy efficient fans

25-09-2008 | |

During EuroTier, Fancom will be introducing a new climate controller for 24 sections in a pig house, the Fancom F21, and the I-series of energy efficient fans.

The F21:

The F21 has complete climate control for 24 sections and central control for ventilation and heating. The system is modular, so that a customised solution can be offered for each type of house – from large to small. The F21 has a standard EasyFeed feed control, for quick and efficient control of a simple dry feed installation. The F21 also offers extensive registration of management information such as animal data and feed and water consumption. The main features of the F21 are its simple operation, the large number of functions and the intelligent climate control that contributes to energy savings.


I-fan for energy efficient ventilation:

Fancom introduces a new line of energy efficient fans: the I-fan series of complete and modular fans with diameters of between 35 and 80 cm and a 92 cm diameter built-in version. The capacity of the I-fans amounts to 24,200 m3/hr (at 0 Pa). Using the I-fan in Fancom ventilation concepts means you can benefit from energy savings of up to 75%. Even compared to the currently used energy efficient systems with frequency control, energy savings of 15% are feasible.


Durability classification IP66

The IP66 classification means that according to the official standards they are “dust tight” (highest classification) and “protected against heavy seas or water projected in powerful jets”.


Extra fail-safe

In case the signal of the climate computer fails, the automatic fail-safe feature offers extra security by ensuring that the fan continues to spin at the lowest speed. Moreover, the fan can be adjusted manually in case of emergency.


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