Exports of Danish pigmeat to fall this year

17-06-2009 | |

The accelerating flow of Danish weaners to Germany means exports of Danish pigmeat are estimated to fall this year.

During April over 640,000 weaners were exported — a staggering increase of 61% on April last year. Total export of piglets during the first four months of this year are up over 40% on the same period last year.
German meat exports increased 18% in volume in the first quarter of this year. In value, exports of meat and meat products rose by 13.3%. Last year over 40% of pigmeat produced by Westfleisch went for export and the slaughterer’s profits hit record levels at over £1.7m.

Elsewhere in the EU, Spain’s exports are also looking healthy. Spain exports 1.3m tonnes of pork a year, which is about 36% of home production. Last year exports increased by 25%.