Exports brighten up pig industry

17-03-2008 | |

Yorkshire pig breeding company ACMC has announced in a press release on Friday orders for breeding stock worth nearly a quarter of a million pounds from European countries, including Poland and Spain where new genetics company, Genetica Meidam Sl, is being set up with ACMC as a major shareholder. This follows the opening up of the EU market after Britain was officially declared free from foot-and-mouth disease within Europe.

Export orders from Russia, China, Thailand and the Philippines are expected to resume now that the OIE — the world organisation for animal health — has given Britain international FMD-free status.

“I believe the fact that so many countries have been prepared to wait for British stock, rather than go elsewhere for their breeding pigs reflects well on our reputation for quality genetics,” commented ACMC chairman, Stephen Curtis.

“While the UK pig farmers, including ourselves, are having a very rough ride at the moment, this is good news for the pig industry as a whole,” he added.

“Due to the continuous shrinkage of the UK pig herd, breeding companies in Britain rely on the export market to help fund their genetic development programmes which in turn offer direct benefits to British producers.”

In addition, as a result of the healthy export trade developed by ACMC, the company is now looking for farmers who will act as multipliers to produce high-health stock. These need to be in areas of low pig density. “They can be situated in England, Scotland or Wales and offer an opportunity to the farmers to add value to their stock,” said Stephen Curtis.

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