EW Nutrition launches iron injection replacer

25-09-2009 | |

EW Nutrition, based in Visbek, Germany, has announced the launch of a new product to replace iron injections to provide passive protection to piglets using a combination of immunoglobulin-rich egg powder and iron.

It is a well known fact that piglets are born with very low reserves of iron. Iron available from sow’s milk only covers 23 % of the daily requirement in suckling piglets. Therefore the already limited iron reserves of the piglet are exhausted very rapidly. To prevent iron deficiency anaemia – one of the economically most important metabolic diseases – until now iron was injected.

The new product, called Globigen Pig Paste Fe, is said to replace an iron injection.

Egg powder
The second component, immunoglobulin-rich egg powder, provides antibodies from the egg. Naturally, hens produce antibodies against the pathogens which they have contact with. They transfer these antibodies to the egg, as an immunological starter kit for the chick. This production of antibodies can be influenced, so that hens mainly produce antibodies against pathogens causing diarrhoea in piglets.

These eggs, which are processed into egg powder, accommodate the young animals exactly with those elements of defence, which they need in the critical phases during the first three weeks of life.

Field trials with hyper-immunised egg powder showed a reduction of mortality of more than 30%. In a university trial, mortality rate could be even reduced from about 70% to zero. Incidence of diarrhoea decreased from 100 to less than 40%.

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