Evonik publishes revised pig feed brochure

01-04-2009 | |

Drastic changes in the supply and price of raw materials force the industry to change the way feeds are formulated. To support customers to better cope with such economic situations, Evonik has published a completely revised 2009 edition of its brochure “Standardized Ileal digestibility of Amino Acids in Pigs”.

Formulation based on ileal digestible instead of total amino acids increases the efficiency of amino acid utilisation and enhances the accuracy of diet formulation. Estimates of standardized ileal amino acid digestibility coefficients (SDC) have been generated for a variety of feed ingredients and are used in diet formulation for growing-finishing pigs as well as for piglets.

Following a general introduction on methodological aspects for determining amino acid digestibility, the concept of standardized ileal amino acid digestibility is introduced and ileal amino acid digestibility coefficients in feedstuffs as well as recommendations for amino acid requirements are given.

Accurate piglet feed formulation
This new brochure also contains digestibility values in protein feedstuffs for piglets. The digestibility values given allow the comparison of the protein sources and processing methods within source and should be considered as starting point to improve the accuracy in feed formulation for piglets.

Combined with the ideal protein concept and NE system, digestible amino acids will allow the nutritionist to formulate diets that provide the animal with the amino acids needed for efficient and predictable growth and carcass performance. With this, pig production becomes more cost-effective.

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