Evonik presents new feed additives website

29-06-2010 | |

Evonik Industries, headquartered in Essen, Germany released its totally revamped feed additives website in a new design.

Key tagline to the new website www.evonik.com/feed-additives is ‘Mix to the Max – with DL-Methionine from Evonik’.

Dr Thomas Kaufmann, senior vice president marketing in the company’s Health & Nutrition Business Unit, said, “The changes to the site, are by no means just cosmetic. The new-look site now also offers visitors a greater selection of specific functions than ever before.”

The website is built around a foundation of information on the products and services produced and marketed for sustainable and efficient animal nutrition.

One focus of the new site is to provide information about product-related services. This includes amino acid analyses, animal nutrition and handling solutions which©ensure optimal use of amino acids by customers and which thereby create extra competitive edge for the products.

A portal called ‘Feed Additives Commercial Electronic Solutions’, or F@ces, offers a host of other specific functions, like electronic file management and access to own analyses. A special feature of the website is an extensive database of reference literature, from 2001 until now, containing more than 500 available items in multiple languages.

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