Evaporative cooling media manufacturer locating in Malaysia

12-03-2013 | |
Evaporative cooling media manufacturer locating in Malaysia

Port-A-Cool, manufacturer of Küül pads evaporative cooling media, will be establishing a manufacturing facility in Malaysia. Projected startup date for the plant is December of 2013, which will create new jobs in the area.

The evaporative cooling media have been manufactured in the USA since 1993. The products are currently sold through a distributor network that encompasses 50 states in the USA and 56 countries.

The pads are the only cooling media designed and engineered specifically for different marketplaces. They have been engineered to consider the unique product demands associated with application in the agricultural/horticultural, residential, and commercial evaporative cooling markets.

Specifically, these pads pads are constructed with a heavy, virgin quality kraft paper containing a higher resin content which provides efficient cooling while giving them durability, strength and longevity.

The cooling media is constructed of a specially formulated paper impregnated with insoluble resin. It is designed with a cross-fluted configuration, which induces turbulent mixing between the water and the air inside the pad; the air is bent at angles designed to maximise the evaporative efficiency while offering the least restriction of airflow. The cross-fluted design makes the pad strong, self-cleaning and self-supporting with evaporative efficiency and low-pressure drop (resistance to airflow).

Port-A-Cool, is a member of The Walter Meier Group, a Swiss based company founded in 1937, active in more than 70 countries and employing 1,700 people.

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