EUROTIER: Recirculation fan system for piglets

20-09-2012 | |
EUROTIER: Recirculation fan system for piglets

Ventilation company Vostermans, the Netherlands, introduces the V-Flofan, a fan for recirculation of air inside piglet or poultry housing.


This type of fan, to be located in the top of the buildings, will recirculate warmer air, which rises up to the ceiling.

Frequency changer

The company also launches the Comoco. This is the name of a new type of frequency changer to operate in fan systems in livestock farms. As it is an intelligent system, it works very accurately, hence no fluctuation will occur and no heat will be developed. This means the motor of a fan will last longer.

EuroTier will be held 13 through 16 November, 2012 in Hanover, Germany. Vostermans can be found in Hall 11, D41.

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