EU to assist pork farmers in the midst of falling prices

24-01-2011 | |

Bacian Ciolos, the EU Agriculture Commissioner, has stated that Brussels is ready to help pork farmers who are currently experiencing a drop in prices.

The slump in prices was urged on by the recent dioxin crisis, where animal feed was discovered to have the chemical. This caused the closure of nearly 5000 farms at the height of the scandal.
Pig feed cereal prices on the increase
“If in the next few days the pork market continues in the same direction, we must be ready to take the measures available to us to avoid a fall in prices,” stated Ciolos. The dioxin found in pork from the animal feed has affected prices and farmers are also facing a rise in the costs of cereals for pig feed.
Ciolos further added, “We have to try to prevent a price slump, the EU is ready to adopt the measures it has available to it.”
German pork prices have dropped 25% to 1.12/kg at the farm gate since at least one farm was discovered to have pigs that were over the EU dioxin limit.
European agriculture ministers will meet in Brussels to further hold talks about the situation.
Source: Expatica

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