EU: re-introduce meat and bone meal

04-01-2007 | |

A European Union institution advocates the idea that proteins from pigs could be used in poultry feed and that poultry proteins can be used for pig feed.

According to the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), research shows that meat and bone meal derived from non-ruminants can be used in poultry and pig feed without any risk for human health.


The use of meat and bone meal in animal feed is forbidden in the union, due to the risk of BSE spreading. This puts companies in the EU in a negative competitive position, due to the relatively strict BSE regulation and measures regarding the use of by-products, the EESC says.

This situation has caused extra costs to destruct pig carcasses and higher prices for alternative vegetable protein sources to be sued in animal feed.

The ESC therefore advocates liberation of the animal by-product regulation (1774/2002), provided that the consumers are guaranteed that there is no cross contamination (and thus cannibalism).


This means that the method for identification for proteins that are currently used should be brought to perfection. Furthermore, the proteins that are used in animal feed should come from healthy pigs and birds, slaughtered in separate abattoirs.

The committee also thinks that there should be more research in the possibilities for on-farm destruction of dead animals. In this perspective, a system that destructs and produces energy at the same time is one of the most favourable options to investigate.

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