EU price rises elude Danish pig producers

19-08-2008 | |
EU price rises elude Danish pig producers

As prices in other key EU pig producing regions are recovering from the recent slump Danish pork producers have expressed frustration at the continuing low prices offered by leading processor Danish Crown.

Producers in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands have been receiving approximately 10% higher prices for their pigmeat for the last two months, according to the LandbrugsAvisen journal.

Deeply frustrating
“And it is deeply frustrating that the Danish pigmeat price continues to be at the bottom of the list when compared to rivals in Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, and France” said Torben Poulsen, Chairman of the Association of Danish Pig Producers (DPP).

Across Europe, pigmeat production has reduced significantly during the past year, and Danske Slagterier’s Chairman, Bent Lassen, remarked that this trend promised well for the future.

“Considerable sow number reductions (8-13%) in Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Hungary can only push prices up, even if the reduction has not been so marked in Germany,” he said.

“It is impossible at this stage to foresee the consequences of the recent Danish pig count, which showed a reduction of pregnant sow numbers of 8%, as no one knows how many have stopped production, or just replaced their breeding stock.”

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