EU prepares law for H1N1 on pig farms

21-07-2009 | |

The European Commission is working on legislation in case an outbreak of the novel influenza A virus (H1N1) is found on a pig farm in the European Union.

This was reported by the Agri- and Horticultural Organisation (LTO) in the Netherlands.

The novel influenza virus has been confirmed in pigs in Canada and Argentina now – and an animal health alert has been given in Argentina as well.

Not involved

Inspired by LTO in the Netherlands, the European Commission spoke about the current situation in Europe. LTO and the European organisation of farmers and cooperatives Copa Cogeca, have clearly stated that pigs at the moment are not involved in the influenza outbreak.

Klaas Jan Osinga, LTO, was quoted to say: “In case H1N1 is found on one pig farm only, a mandatory isolation should not lead to stigmatisation and potential trade problems.”

In addition, agricultural organisations have stated that the emphaisis should be with fighting the disease in humans. “It is no use to block the livestock operation when in the direct surroundings, a large number possibly have been spreading the virus, possibly unnoticed.”

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