EU pork prices in balance

08-03-2007 | |
EU pork prices in balance

At present, the European market for slaughtering pigs proves to be quite balanced. Supply tends to be slightly decreasing in the Netherlands, in France, Spain and Germany, yet meeting good demand on the part of the slaughter companies.

Subsequently, a majority of quotations shows that the market has not yet gained momentum until this time of the year. This is widely attributed to the still non satisfying meat business which until now prevents the prices from recovering.

Spanish price increase

In Spain, however, a price increase was realised this week. By quoting a corrected €1.41 per kg slaughter weight, the Spanish are facing no more than a 15 Eurocents’ distance between their price and the Central European prices. In view, however, of the comparably large distance in prices, a slight increase by 0.5 Eurocents only was possible with regard to the other countries’ prices.

Only if the meat markets get stimulated again throughout Europe, higher prices will be realisable.

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