EU pork meat gets spotlight in Vietnam

28-09-2011 | |

European pork and beef meat is currently being promoted in Vietnam. A campaign has been launched by the Union of Producers and Employers of the Meat Industry (UPEMI) in order to promote the sale of the meat, according to news report.

The report by by Viet Nam News said that the campaign made its debut yesterday. “The programme, titled “Tradition, Quality and European Taste”, is co-financed by the EU and Poland. It will be carried out in the US, Vietnam and South Korea over the next two years,” said Agnieszka Rozanska, director of UPEMI’s International projects.
Vietnam is seen as a viable market for EU beef and pork, stated Kamil Czub, foreign trade director of the Poland based PKM Duda SA, as the consumption of these meats in the country is still relatively low in comparison to the EU.
Czub further added that the annual income in Viet Nam is expected to reach higher levels, and in relay this will push the meat demand higher.  
“Vietnam has a great tradition of fresh, healthy dishes, and we think that European meat would fit perfectly within this tradition,” Wieslaw Rozanski, UPEMI’s president said.
The campaign which was launched yesterday was aimed at distributors, wholesalers, importers, local manufacturers and processors, industry associations, and five-star hotels.
Source: Viet Nam News


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