EU pork exports at record level

10-03-2009 | |

EU exports of pork – including by-products and live export – in 2008 have reached a new record with 2.6 million tonnes, which is up 34% compared to 2007.

The major export items were frozen pork, bacon and other by-products. The latter includes pig ears and claws, which are so popular in China.

The quantitatively most important foreign customers were Russia (764,000 tonnes), Hong Kong (454,000 tonnes), followed by Japan (236,000 tonnes) and China (146,000 tonnes).

Financial crisis
The sale however was dampened since November last year due to the financial crisis. Before that period export subsidies and a rising international demand provided for well-filled order books.

The largest third country markets in the EU are by far Denmark and Germany. Germany was able to increase its third country exports with 58% to more than 500,000 tonnes and step on the tail of leading exporter Denmark.

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