EU pigmeat exporters losing on Japanese market

21-11-2007 | |

In 2007, EU pork exporters are losing market share on the Japanese meat market – reported the German Market Association ZMP.

In the first nine months of 2007, Japanese pork imports rose in total around 5% to 570,000 tonnes in comparison to the same period a year previously. The share of pork originating from the EU, however, only amounted to 170,000 tonnes – just under 30%. In 2005, their share was 35%.

Denmark, which is the biggest supplier of pigmeat within the EU-27 to Japan, has witnessed a reduction in its exports by 5% between January and September this year.

US pork imports
In contrast, Japanese imports of pork from the US and Canada have increased by 5% and 12% respectively.

The question is why? The answer is simple – Japanese tariffs placed on fresh products are lower than those on frozen goods. Most of the pork exported from the EU to Japan is frozen. The dollar exchange rate may also play a role as US exporters have a competitive advantage over the EU.

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