EU Pig Sector losing ground on world market

09-11-2007 | |
EU Pig Sector losing ground on world market

The European pig producing and processing industry will have to concede some of its share of the world market, according to the Danish Meat Association (DMA).

In an article published today in the Agrarisch Dagblad, Knud Buhl, Trade Director of the DMA, was quoted as stating recently at the yearly congress of the livestock and meat producers cooperatives of the Deutsche Raiffeisenverband that the world market will grow significantly, but that the Europeans will hardly profit from this growth.

The EU tariff barriers will have to be reduced in any case in the near future in order to make investments in the meat sector more attractive for other countries, but this will inevitably bring more competition into the market.

Genetically modified feed
Expansion in pig producing will continue as part of the Dane’s scenario for the future. Buhl believes that Europe is disadvantaged on a cost basis in comparison to the US with regard to its lack of tolerance for genetically modified mixed feed.

“Since 2002, the US has been able to increase its pigmeat exports to a current amount of 1.4million tonnes, whilst the EU’s exports have sunk to 1.3million tonnes. The trend will continue as long as the EU’s strategy against genetically modified feed continues to be upheld”.

In addition, Buhl states that the EU is also not profiting from bilateral agreements in the Asian markets, which will no doubt play an important role in the future.

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