EU pig production rises in 2006

09-11-2006 | |

EU pig production in 2006 will rise by around 1% year-on-year, German market analyst ZMP reports.

The analysis was made on the basis of EU Commission reports.
Major contributors to the growth are Germany, Poland and Spain, as pig production rose in these countries in the course of the year.
The pig export market has seen a rather significant expansion. Exports to Russia surged, as this country had to source its pigmeat from Europe since FMD-related bans on pigmeat prevented Russia from importing from Brazil and Argentina.
In 2007, the Commission expects to see pig production rising slightly; however, the profitability from the sector is likely to fall due to higher feed and energy prices.
Profits may be up if pigmeat prices continue to rise, but this is unlikely in the first half of the year, the Commission added.
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