EU pig production down 2.3% in 2009

27-04-2009 | |

The European Commission expects that pig production in Europe will decrease by 2.3% (minus 6 million pigs) in comparison to 2008, German agricultural statistics agency ZMP reports.

Especially in Eastern Europe, production will shrink once more. The main cause is the insufficient profitability of pig production in these countries. First, higher feed prices caused losses, now the consequences of the financial crisis do.

In Germany, Europe’s largest pig producer, the domestic pig herd will shrink by 1.5%, mainly because of a reduction of the sow herd. The supply of slaughter pigs is not expected to shrink that much. Until the middle of April of 2009, slaughterhouses reported an increase of over 600,000 pigs – a year-on-year increase of almost 5%.

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